rivdom twoFast, powerful and reliable!
The powerful battery-powered riveter for blind rivets up to 6.4 mm diameter of all materials. Power: Li-Ion battery 20V DC 2,0 Ah, Diameter: 4,0-6,4 mm,

stroke: 30 mm, Weight:1,9 kg with battery, working power:20000N

More information at www.nitownica.com

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  • stainless steel fasteners
  • blind rivets
  • blind rivet nuts
  • welding studs
  • self drilling screws
  • blind rivet bolt
  • sheet metal fasteners
  • toggles
  • marine fasteners
  • solar fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners

ElemenStainless Steel fasteners A2 and A4 Catalogue
DIN/ISO/PN Produkt Opis A2 A4
DIN 582
ISO 3266
PN 82472
nakrętka z uchem DIN 582 Lifting eye nuts
DIN 603
ISO 8677
PN 82406
śruba zamkowa DIN 603 Mashroom head square neck bolts
DIN 660
ISO 1051
PN 82952
nit z łbem kulistym DIN 660 Round head rivets
DIN 661
ISO 1051
PN 82954
nit z łbem stożkowym DIN 661 Countersunk head rivets
DIN 766
PN -
łańcuch DIN 766 Round short link chains  
DIN 906
PN -
korek gwintowany DIN 906 Hexagon socket pipe, conical thread
DIN 908
PN -
korek gwintowany DIN 908 Hexagon socket pipe plugs, cilindrical thread
DIN 910
PN -
korek gwintowany DIN 910 Hexagon head pipe plugs, cylindrical thread
DIN 912
ISO 4762
PN 82302
śruba imbusowa DIN 912 Hexagon socket head cap screws
DIN 913
ISO  4026
PN 82314
wkręt dociskowy DIN 913 Hexagon socket set screws with flat point
DIN 914
ISO 4027
PN 82315
wkręt dociskowy DIN 914 Hexagon socket set screws with cone point
DIN 915
ISO 4028
PN 82316
wkręt dociskowy DIN 915 Hexagon socket set screws with dog point
DIN 916
ISO  4029
PN  82317
wkręt dociskowy DIN 916 Hexagon socket set screws with cup point
DIN 917
PN 82182
nakrętka kołpakowa niska DIN 917 Hexagon cap nuts
DIN 921
PN 82280
wkręt z łbem walcowym DIN 921 Slotted pan head screws with large head  
DIN 923
PN 61241
wkręt z łbem płaskim DIN 923 Slotted pan head screws with shoulder  
DIN 928
PN 82169
nakrętka kwadratowa do zgrzewania DIN 928 Square weld nuts

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Our offer includes: hand riveting tools,

battery riveting tools and pneumatic riveters.

Our company manages a factory-authorised pneumatic and hydraulic riveter repair service as well as manual riveters supplied by HONSEL.

We represent the Italian company Capmac Industry produces automated machinery and equipment riveting.

As the only distributor of VVG / HONSEL tools, we are looking for commercial partners – local shops and wholesalers in Poland. 

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