rivdom twoFast, powerful and reliable!
The powerful battery-powered riveter for blind rivets up to 6.4 mm diameter of all materials. Power: Li-Ion battery 20V DC 2,0 Ah, Diameter: 4,0-6,4 mm,

stroke: 30 mm, Weight:1,9 kg with battery, working power:20000N

More information at www.nitownica.com

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  • stainless steel fasteners
  • blind rivets
  • blind rivet nuts
  • welding studs
  • self drilling screws
  • blind rivet bolt
  • sheet metal fasteners
  • toggles
  • marine fasteners
  • solar fasteners

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Feel free to browse our online shop.

Our offer includes: hand riveting tools,

battery riveting tools and pneumatic riveters.

Our company manages a factory-authorised pneumatic and hydraulic riveter repair service as well as manual riveters supplied by HONSEL.

We represent the Italian company Capmac Industry produces automated machinery and equipment riveting.

As the only distributor of VVG / HONSEL tools, we are looking for commercial partners – local shops and wholesalers in Poland. 

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