rivdom twoFast, powerful and reliable!
The powerful battery-powered riveter for blind rivets up to 6.4 mm diameter of all materials. Power: Li-Ion battery 20V DC 2,0 Ah, Diameter: 4,0-6,4 mm,

stroke: 30 mm, Weight:1,9 kg with battery, working power:20000N

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  • stainless steel fasteners
  • blind rivets
  • blind rivet nuts
  • welding studs
  • self drilling screws
  • blind rivet bolt
  • sheet metal fasteners
  • toggles
  • marine fasteners
  • solar fasteners

Riveting machines


Riveting machine Electraflex


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Electraflex is a new product of the ELECTRA family of riveting machines from Capmac Industry. It's the answer to the market request of a product: low cost, fast and reliable. Powered by an electric engine, these riveting machines are equipped with an automated rivets feeder for rivets with head diameter from 3 to 20 mm.

flex is a synonymous of flexibility: these machines can easily updated thanks to the interchangeable rivets feeder,which allows to feed solid, tubular, semi-tubular rivets, and rivet nuts.

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Extraordinary compactness makes Electraflex extremely ergonomic, easy to use and low maintenance.

The level of safety is a key factor for all ELECTRA family; their system doesn't allow to start the riveting cycle if the "protection fingers" is not in position, to guarantee to 100% the safety of the operator.

Electrical engine means no oil, no gas, no noise, no dusty! This is another important aspect which helps the protection of the health of workers and prevent the pollution of the environment.

Be simple. Be green. Beflex!


Technical data Electraflex
Dimensions 470x510x1430h
Standard swan neck 160 mm
Other swan neck 260 mm 500 mm e 850 mm
Time cycle 0,35 sec
Power supply 220V





Riveting machine Electra


nitownica przemysłowa

Electra is the new riveting machine produced by Capmac Industry. Designed to be simple to install, simple to use, simple to adjust and simple to maintain.

Cheaper because simple; is the synthesis of all the experience Capmac Industry technicians have had in producing riveting machines. Just one regulation, commands closes to the fingertips, riveting cycle fully controlled by the PLC, extraordinary compactness makes Electra an extremely ergonomic and easy to use.

The level of safety is a key factor for Electra; their safety system doesn't allow to start the riveting cycle if the "protection fingers" is not in position, to guarantee to 100% the safety of the operator. Electra is powered by an electrical engine. No oil, gas, noise, to protect both operator and environment.

All of this without forgetting the functions of a modern riveting machine: automated rivet feeding, fast cycle, quality riveting, operator safety, low maintenance, EC compliant.

Electra is produced in two versions, for solid rivets and tubular rivets.


Technical data Electra R Electra PR*
Automated feeding of rivets yes yes
Multi rivets option yes no
Riveting force 2,5 ton 2,5 ton
Piecing force 0 2,5 ton
Max Al thickens to be pierced 4,0 mm 4,0 mm
Max steel thickens to be pierced 0 1,0 mm
Max Al rivets diam.(solid rivets*) 5,0 mm 5,0 mm
Max steel rivets diam.(solid rivets*) 4,0 mm 4,0 mm
Working cycle 1 sec 1 sec
Installed Power 3 Kw 3 Kw
Electricity 3 phases 400V/50Hz 400V/50Hz
Compressed air 6 bar 6 bar
Weight 360 kg 380 kg
Dimensions 1000x700x880h 1000x700x880h

 *Electra PR for auto-piercing with solid rivets. Click here for PR technology..




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